Zebra Tulle

Vertical Washable Zebra Tulle has taken its place on the market with its Perdeslice brand. The most important feature of this product is washable.

Our sliced fabrics are produced with aluminum vertical rail. The installation is very practical and the dismantling is practically the same. The worn parts of the fabrics are plastic apparatus and the lower part is seen as 10 ar cm pieces.

With this curtain type, tulle, fund and sunshade are presented to the use of our valuable customers at the same time. By means of the plastic chain connected to the mechanism, you can convert the sunshade to the tülül shape, by opening the sea with the rope connected to the mechanism, you can collect in two different ways the one opening in the direction of your request and the opening from the middle.

With our thirty-three different color options, you can customize your different decorations to the Mediterranean. You can wash our fabrics at 30 degrees in a net in the washing machine.

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