Wooden Jalousie Curtain

Wooden Jalousie Curtain has two models; aluminum and wooden jalousie.

Aluminum jalousie curtains having slide width of 16 mm, 25 mm and 50 mm are available in wooden like, marble patterned options.

25 mm stripe width is preferred for window frame and 50 mm for ceiling applications.

Aluminum stripes with a width of 16 and 25 mm and 50 mm are put on ropes woven in a ladder like structure and it allows you to have sunlight as much as you want by moving the curtain 180 degrees down and up with a plastic rode in the operating mechanism hidden in to top frame section.

Jalousie Curtains are available in primary and secondary colors as well as wooden like jalousie options and perforated jalousie curtains.

Jalousie Curtains cost less than other types of curtains.

Aluminum stripes should not be damaged while cleaning jalousie curtains and using a soft cloth is recommended.

Jalousie Curtains are generally used at offices and workplaces.

Wooden Jalousie Curtain

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